Documentation on > Wiki?

Steven Tucker steventucker at
Sun May 14 05:35:27 BST 2006

Shane Handley wrote:

>Sorry, my bad, I misread this:
>"I would like to see work on the project become automated to a certain
>degree, not wiki style, but more of a contribute, board review then
>incorporate type structure"
>Yep. Gots to be checkin' my readin'.
In saying that though, there is no reason drafts cant be set up in wiki 
style, for the benefits you mentioned. I just don't want anyone being 
able to alter the official documents (or leaders drafts), we can have 
the best of both worlds. A leader can have his official draft, and put a 
copy on the wiki, and then implement the things he likes from the wiki, 
and leave out the things he does not (or she, I don't mean to be sexist).

Also for look and feel, I have not looked into it, but if someone has a 
suggestion on how to get WordPress to look the same as the main site, 
please let us know. I agree it would look much better.

So when would you like to take charge of the wiki Shane?
I can give you a blog login and you can get it started straight away.

Thanks for your input


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