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Shane Handley shane.handley at
Sun May 14 05:19:40 BST 2006

Sorry, my bad, I misread this:

"I would like to see work on the project become automated to a certain
degree, not wiki style, but more of a contribute, board review then
incorporate type structure"

Yep. Gots to be checkin' my readin'.


Shane Handley

Shane Handley wrote:
> Are there any plans to move au-loco documentation from the blog to a wiki?
> This strikes me as advantageous for a few reasons
> * consistency of look+feel of website
> * user contributions to published articles, rather than 1 author only
> * easier to navigate/create new pages/search etc...
> I think the wiki format works really well when contributing userdocs to
> the official wiki.
> Regards,
> Shane Handley

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