Showcasing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

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Sat May 13 15:46:57 BST 2006

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> <quote who="Andrew">
> > I think I will use this presentation to briefly show various aspects to it
> > and follow it up with more in depth presentations of certain aspects.  ie
> > will briefly show synaptic, then run a seperate tutorial with
> > synaptic/apt-get etc.
> Definitely show off gnome-app-install before diving into synaptic. It's much
> more interesting and usable. Synaptic is more of an administrator's tool.
> - Jeff

Too right - I never used gnome-app-install, so it didn't occur to me.
When I said "show Synaptic" I meant "Show the package manager
automatically resolving dependancies" (that's the impressive part)

One thing I was impressed with was the ability to install programs and
apply updates without restarting... pity it's probably not something
that can be demonstrated, unless you had a small upgradable package that
you held back?

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