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Steven Tucker steventucker at
Wed May 10 04:47:29 BST 2006

Andrew wrote:

> Howdy Steven,
> Thanks for taking the initiative to set up this wonderful thing. My 
> apologies for not jumping in a bit sooner. I have been busy, but yes 
> this is no excuse.
> I took a quick look at the suggestions for various areas and I would 
> like to volunteer in the effort to lead the 'School Presentations To 
> Teachers'. I have a few teacher friends and this is an area I have 
> sort of fallen into over the past few weeks as I try to evangelise to 
> them, and believe me that is a challenge.
> So put me down for that role Steven, and I will do my best to get some 
> bits and pieces up this week to start the ball rolling.

Thankyou very much, I will organise a log in for you on the blog, and 
also update the group leader page. I look forward to reading your work, 
it sounds like you have a real passion for Ubuntu.

> On a side note I decided to attend another meeting of the Dubbo and 
> District Computer Club, which I had attended once before but never 
> pursued. I made a point of making myself known to the other members 
> and my passion for wanting to promote Ubuntu Linux. They liked my info 
> so much that they have accepted a proposal from myself to give the 
> members an introduction to Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS and also run through 
> an installion of it. The next meeting falls in the first week of June 
> so 6.06 LTS will be officially released just in time for this 
> presentation.

Well timed! Would it be possible to keep some sort of record from this 
presentation? as it will be the first one we can learn from. Perhaps you 
can get your hands on a recorder of some sort, video would be the 
ultimate, but even just fuzzy audio would do the trick. We can listen to 
what sort of questions people ask, and prepare answers etc. There is 
nothing better than real life examples to work from.

> Hopefully with the help of this computer club and the small amount of 
> resources they have we should be able to get some local training 
> organised in the community too. Just trying to sort out a location to 
> do this, not the easiest of tasks.

Well done, keep us informed.
Perhaps there is someone in that area that can help?? Anyone?


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