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Andrew andrew at
Sun Jul 2 11:16:36 BST 2006

Howdy all,

Now that myself and others are receiving lots of Ubuntu CD's from the 
wonderful ShipIt service I have been wondering about the best way to get 
the biggest bang for the buck when distributing these CD's to local 
interested people.

I had an idea of attaching a simple label to each CD we hand out 
identifying that they came from a Ubuntu Australian Team member and a 
single link to a list of local, international and commercial support 

The label would read something like:

"Distributed by the Ubuntu Australian Team. For further assistance 
please visit"

The actual welcome page address is yet to be determined but you get the 
idea. I think it's preferable to locate this page on the 
website as it's easily identifiable as Australian, and looks professional.

I have drafted up a welcome page and placed it on the Ubuntu wiki. It 
can be found at

Please feel free to send me suggestions, or make corrections to the 
document. It is intended to be an easy going pointer to the major 
official support channels and not a comprehensive guide to everything 
Ubuntu. I think it is important not to overwhelm new users but also 
provide enough information to get them started.

I have not yet played around with any label making software. If anyone 
has experience with this and is able to knock up a simple template let 
me know. It might save me a lot of hassle as I have had little 
experience with making labels on any platform.


Andrew Swinn (Phlosten)

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