Just spotted the following...

Joshua Henderson ubuntu at joshhendo.com
Thu Jul 6 02:48:17 BST 2006

Got my copy of PC User today :)

The review of Ubuntu in the mag is for 5.10 ( :( ), but it does
include 6.06on the front disk.

Great news for Ubuntu :)

- Josh

On 7/1/06, Michael Fox <michaelf at users.heimic.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed the post the other week talking about getting Ubuntu 6.06
> onto a cover disk and well it appears something has happened already
> which is certainly a step forward.
> Australian PC User - August 2006 has the following;
> As part of the issue they did a Freeware Mega Guide and in part of it
> they have given a step-by-step guide to install Ubuntu Linux from Les
> Bell. It has a few pics showing off evolution etc. The article also
> mentions that Ubuntu 6.06 ISO is on the DVD cover disc for the month
> and can be burnt by the user etc.
> They sum up by saying;
> Ubuntu provides a polished desktop distribution for the home and
> small business user. The combination of community development of a
> free distribution, backed by paid developers and support, has seen it
> evolve rapidly. The availability of a huge library of applications
> that can be installed with a few keystrokes adds to its appeal. It's
> a well thought out distribution and we expect it to gain further
> popularity in years to come.
> Just thought I would post to let you know, as I just spotted it after
> getting my copy by post yesterday.
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