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Stephen Boyd bunyipr at
Mon Jul 3 10:01:18 BST 2006

Another option is to provide a business card with the detals of the
web site etc.  The card could have details of the local Lug on the
reverse side.


On 7/2/06, Andrew <andrew at> wrote:
> Howdy all,
> Now that myself and others are receiving lots of Ubuntu CD's from the
> wonderful ShipIt service I have been wondering about the best way to get
> the biggest bang for the buck when distributing these CD's to local
> interested people.
> I had an idea of attaching a simple label to each CD we hand out
> identifying that they came from a Ubuntu Australian Team member and a
> single link to a list of local, international and commercial support
> channels.
> The label would read something like:
> "Distributed by the Ubuntu Australian Team. For further assistance
> please visit"
> The actual welcome page address is yet to be determined but you get the
> idea. I think it's preferable to locate this page on the
> website as it's easily identifiable as Australian, and looks professional.
> I have drafted up a welcome page and placed it on the Ubuntu wiki. It
> can be found at
> Please feel free to send me suggestions, or make corrections to the
> document. It is intended to be an easy going pointer to the major
> official support channels and not a comprehensive guide to everything
> Ubuntu. I think it is important not to overwhelm new users but also
> provide enough information to get them started.
> I have not yet played around with any label making software. If anyone
> has experience with this and is able to knock up a simple template let
> me know. It might save me a lot of hassle as I have had little
> experience with making labels on any platform.
> Regards,
> Andrew Swinn (Phlosten)
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