Niggly bug needs confirmation in Eye of Gnome

Martin Visser martinvisser99 at
Wed Apr 12 22:05:39 BST 2006

Those that are interested, the problem appears in fact to be connected to
using Xgl/compiz. (I think gnome-window-decorator is the actual culprit). I
have updated the launchpad bug tracker.

BTW I got lambasted for sending bug reports on while using buggy software,
which I think is a little sad if one is trying build community. The funny
thing is that this is the ONLY rendering issue I noticed using Xgl/compiz so
I think seeing this problem only appear in eog, it was a bit of a stretch to
connect it to the underlying window manager

On 4/12/06, Peter Lieverdink <ubuntu at> wrote:
> Hey martin,
> I just tested it in dapper (eog 2.14.1-0ubuntu1) and indeed, the
> application window title doesn't update. Not with the numeric names and
> also not with the alphabetical names.
> However, the window title is ""1..." or a...", so I suspect eog might be
> trying to indicate there's a list of files. (bad, only ONE file is open!)
> - P.
> Martin Visser wrote:
> > I'd appreciate it if a few people could confirm or deny that the bug
> > I have
> reported
> > in Eye Of Gnome actually exists. It seems that at least 2 developers
> aren't
> > seeing what I am seeing. (There is a tarball of test images as well as
> > instructions on how to replicate the problem)
> >
> > Please update malone if you do the test
> >
> > Regards, Martin
> >
> > Martin Visser
> > //------------------------------------//
> >

Regards, Martin

Martin Visser
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