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Scott Sinclair scott-ubuntu at
Thu Apr 6 10:45:22 BST 2006

Joel Stanley wrote:
> This discussion crops up on many a mailing list.

Naturally. It isn't going to pop up on one's private email ;)

> Perhaps someone should write a patch for mailman so that users can
> opt-in to receive mailing list prefixes for their emails?


> Personally, I believe that if you can't work out how to setup
> filtering in your chosen mail client, then subscribe to the digest -
> list emails are organised with no user 'hassle'.

Call me weird, call me different, just don't call me silly, but I like 
all my email to appear in a central folder, then either move it manually 
or automatically out to other folders (exception of course is Spam, 
which I have no problem to sitting in Spam/ indefinitely.

That said, because i do this, i often like to see if the email was to a 
list at a glance, and which list, hence why I'm personally for a subject 
prefix. Why? I'm not totally sure, but most likely so it can help me 
decide which emails I'm going to ignore first ;)
This is probably why it should totally be an option in mailman.

But until such a patch exists... I say yes to the subject prefix.

Scott Sinclair

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