Mailing list header

Morgan Storey me at
Thu Apr 6 10:50:23 BST 2006

Joel Stanley wrote:
> This discussion crops up on many a mailing list.
> Perhaps someone should write a patch for mailman so that users can
> opt-in to receive mailing list prefixes for their emails?
> Personally, I believe that if you can't work out how to setup
> filtering in your chosen mail client, then subscribe to the digest -
> list emails are organised with no user 'hassle'.
> 2c
> Joel
> PS. I also vote for the default 'reply-to' to be the list. (sorry morgan x2)
The discussion probably crops up because a lot of people believe it is a 
good idea. I like the idea of the patch though.
For those that don't want to setup rules and would prefer to simply deal 
with what is in there inbox, and not have the rules go haywire (I know I 
should use a better mail client) the header seems a small price to pay.
Personally if you can't work out how to reply-all then maybe you 
shouldn't be offering your 2c :P


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