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Pete Brown pete at
Thu Apr 6 10:15:32 BST 2006

On Thursday 06 April 2006 18:48, Joel Stanley wrote:
> This discussion crops up on many a mailing list.

yeah that's likely the reason for the standard headers for mailing lists

> Perhaps someone should write a patch for mailman so that users can
> opt-in to receive mailing list prefixes for their emails?
> Personally, I believe that if you can't work out how to setup
> filtering in your chosen mail client, then subscribe to the digest -
> list emails are organised with no user 'hassle'.

i have used many an email client
kmail can setup a filer based on the mailing list headers
and i am pretty for evolution does as well
if anyone uses anything else i may have used that too and can probably help 
with setting up a filter.

> 2c
> Joel
> PS. I also vote for the default 'reply-to' to be the list. (sorry morgan
> x2)

i am fairly certain standard protocol for replying to a list is to set the 
list as the To: and the person who sent the email in the Cc:
this is usually take care of when you select Reply-All

but some people don't like receiving two of the same email
and there is also a header you can set that lets the client know this
not sure how many clients honour that though (i know [X]Emacs clients do)

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