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Peter baker jellyware at
Wed Apr 5 02:41:19 BST 2006

hey guys

sorry I did'nt make it to the meeting last night.  I was working late and
Yuki and I could'nt get a irc/putty connection out of my work to join the
meeting.  For future reference, does anyone know of a way of connecting to
irc via a browser?

In the last week I have posted out 2 ubuntu install cd packs to people from
the aust loco team wiki and a further 9 from people who work for the same
company as me (I posted on our bulletin board)  total= 11

Briefly had a look at the log from last nights meeting.  seems like more
efficient cd distribution got a mention.  Would be great if we could somehow
burn the discs and do the covers locally rather than getting shipit to send
tons of cds all over the world (I find this kinda novel for such a well
networked company).  I'm happy to continue with distribution/co-ordination
of distribution, but I don't have any contacts with anyone in either Linux
Aust or ubuntu that could help us with money/resources for a ramped up
distribution channel (this could be a goal for dappers release...)

maybe we can work out a novel way of raising money to get our own Dapper
discs pressed here!

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