[ubuntu-art] Edubuntu Wallpaper

Hrafn Nordhri hrafn at hrafnsvartr.com
Sun Nov 21 00:14:45 GMT 2010

On 11.20 2010 16:28, j_baer wrote:
> * Pallet
> I made a guess at the pallet.  The GTK theme appears to be Radiance. Is this
> correct?
> The inspirational image IMO has the right mix of colors but if this is not
> good we can certainly find a better image. :-)
I wouldn't mind knowing more specifically what they want for the pallet. 
They suggest that we can use colours from images of narwhals, then there 
is a small pallet of three colours, I made a pallet from the 
inspirational image using http://www.degraeve.com/color-palette/ and 
then another pallet that is called the Edubuntu pallet. That makes a 
very wide range of options.

Also, could someone offer an example of what they are meaning with this 
statement "The desired result will be an image which embraces the 
"light" Ubuntu design concept"?

What exactly is this design concept?


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