[ubuntu-art] lynx wallpaper

Kemptner Stefan st_kemptner at yahoo.de
Sun Jan 24 23:34:27 GMT 2010

ondrej schrieb:
> Hi guys, I see that you're about to use photo of lynx as a wallpaper
> and I think it's bad idea, I'm still using the default wallpaper of KK
> because it's so simple. But if you realy want to use a image of lynx,
> you shout choose the one, who says "im a nice wallpaper and everybody
> likes me" and not "i'm a beast, be scared". What I mean is that 1 or 2
> similar colors are ok, with a soft structure.. It's for people, not
> for zoologists.


I think a Lynx would be a great motif for a wallpaper, though I agree it 
must be peaceful scene. I've searched the web a bit and found a site and 
especially this wallpaper:


There are more pictures and wallpapers at the page, but I prefer this 
one most. Maybe somebody more official than me could ask the owner of 
the copyright if he is willing to provide it under a free license. Even 
if it won't get the default wallpaper, it could be shipped as optional 


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