[ubuntu-art] Koala Wallies

tonic ghatanothoa at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 05:41:33 BST 2009

2009/9/12 Hrafn Nordhri <hrafn at hrafnsvartr.com>:
> Ken
> Thanks for the link, and Bruce I agree with the 1 disc philosophy.
> However, how can we make the added artwork more readily understood to
> the user? My first reaction when I got to Ubuntu was "That's it? Three
> wallies? Good thing it comes with Gimp". I've had other people say
> similar comments and I had no clue where to send them for more except
> Gnome-Looks and such.
> What I was wondering after posting the question was, what about the
> examples section. Could there be something in there with a link to the
> flickr group? Perhaps an invite to get involved? I mean when is the last
> time a Windows user was asked to get involved? lol

You just have a package on the Install CD that has no wallpapers, or
the three default. After installation when the user updates there is
an updated version of that package that pulls in all the extra
wallpapers. That way you get a large number of 'default' wallpapers
without having to bloat the CD.


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