[ubuntu-art] humanity panel icons

mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 12 05:49:57 GMT 2009

On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 17:37 -0800, Dylan McCall wrote:
> "I like to think my panel as a quiet spot for minimalist information,
> not the place where icons are just grey."
> (Sorry about the weird quoting. It's amazing that, after all these
> years, email tools continue to be so hopeless).
> I agree with you, David. It would be nice if there weren't light and
> dark versions of icons (instead the panel automatically brightened /
> darkened the colours for those particular icons), but that type of
> runtime manipulation is dangerous. Without some hefty changes to how
> icons are stored (FreeDesktop would not be happy), it wouldn't be very
> maintainable either.
> Desaturating at runtime defeats the purpose. 

Desaturating at runtime and allowing the red color for the error and
warning icons will work. Rather than re-doing it for all icons.

Well now that the specs are still being made... lets see ;)

> Personally, what I like
> about the Humanity icons isn't that they are grey. It's that they make
> awesome use of colour!
> When my battery is low, the battery icon turns red! When I have a
> crash report, there is a big red exclamation. (And I think WWAN has a
> blueish tint, too, right?).

Heh , the blue is unintentional. That is actually an app icon which is
used in the panel. I'v used the blue for the app icons , you'll notice
that the wireless is also blue in the connection editor. :)

The wwan is supposed to have signal strengths too . So once thats done ,
it would have a monochrome set too. ;) 

Two colors are only used , grey[two shades for the different themes] and

> That dose of colour is really important. With these small icons I
> think the colours are necessary to convey pertinent information at a
> glance. So far, it has worked well in my case :)
> Dylan


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