[ubuntu-art] humanity panel icons

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 01:37:36 GMT 2009

"I like to think my panel as a quiet spot for minimalist information,
not the place where icons are just grey."

(Sorry about the weird quoting. It's amazing that, after all these
years, email tools continue to be so hopeless).

I agree with you, David. It would be nice if there weren't light and
dark versions of icons (instead the panel automatically brightened /
darkened the colours for those particular icons), but that type of
runtime manipulation is dangerous. Without some hefty changes to how
icons are stored (FreeDesktop would not be happy), it wouldn't be very
maintainable either.

Desaturating at runtime defeats the purpose. Personally, what I like
about the Humanity icons isn't that they are grey. It's that they make
awesome use of colour!
When my battery is low, the battery icon turns red! When I have a
crash report, there is a big red exclamation. (And I think WWAN has a
blueish tint, too, right?).

That dose of colour is really important. With these small icons I
think the colours are necessary to convey pertinent information at a
glance. So far, it has worked well in my case :)


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