[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] Network Manager-icons

mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Sat May 30 19:19:16 BST 2009

daniel planas armangue wrote:
> uff, I do not like much. 
> 1 - are highly disproportionate
> 2 - a little tangoish
> 3 - the use of the antenna does not fit sebastian
> 4 - the colors are not very clean
> however it is noted that time devoted to it, therefore I am going to
> make a constructive criticism, inspired on this icon:
> http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2107/2412348459_218e4d1b2a.jpg?v=1208161662
> I think most of the time will be seen in small-scale, therefore you need
> think more on a glyph.
> Daniel .P
hi, i'm not sure if u are talking about the straight bars or the curved

the first[straight bar] icons were just mockup , since i was not sure if
the team was interested in a nm icon ... and i was new to inkscape hence
i didnt know if the learning curve would be worth the while[since i had
a working set of pngs for personal use and the whole set needed 38
icons...!] the mockup should probably even be considered just a doodle!

i used the antennae purposefully ,just to maintain an aspect from the
wireless-network icon. but on usage scaling down the presence/absence of
the antennae doesnt matter. it can be removed...

the image u have linked looks similar to the gnome colors icon,also
similar to what i aim to achieve... if u check my first post
 i have included a set of my working pngs which have a new reconnect
animation behavior, the change in animation behavior is my main reason
for suggestion of the nm icons, since the old hi-color icons dont look
that great...

even the second set i have uploaded are just a work in progress,

Anyway Cory has suggested that he could help or get someone to make the
icons fit better with the breathe set...

i'm not sure if ur comments are regarding the first doodle set i had
submitted in the first post or the second set i had uploaded to the wiki
earlier today?just to be clear which set of icons were your comments about?

any ideas/suggestion would be appreciated... or if someone can do it
better too, welcome , i just feel nm needs a new look. :)


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