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mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Sun May 31 14:15:45 BST 2009

i tried a few of the suggestions u made, i have removed the gloss, changed the colors a bit altered the size of the bars,

 i'v also added the 24x24 png, so that u can have an idea about appearance on that scale...


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uff, I do not like much. 

1 - are highly disproportionate
2 - a little tangoish
3 - the use of the antenna does not fit sebastian
4 - the colors are not very clean

however it is noted that time devoted to it, therefore I am going to
make a constructive criticism, inspired on this icon:


I think most of the time will be seen in small-scale, therefore you need
think more on a glyph.

Daniel .P

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