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Tibault Damman tibault.damman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 09:54:08 GMT 2009

2009/3/26 Steve Dodier <sidnioulz at hotmail.com>

>  Hello,
> Do you actually plan on using a "Windows" logo for the wine icon ? That's
> really, as a wine user, the last thing I'd like to see. I'd really go crazy
> if i had to see a Windows logo each time i open my apps menu. The glass of
> Wine might not be a terrible thing, but it's Wine's branding, and it's
> infinitely nicer than the logo of an OS i really can't bear, imho.
> Cordially, SD.

I agree, I don't want to see the windows logo either.
I like the wine glass in the icon set I'm currently using (gnome-colors),
I'm not really sure what the problem is?

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