[ubuntu-art] Impression Kyudo Update

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 13:47:43 GMT 2009

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I updated the following wiki page
for your consideration:


>> From the wiki

== Top Level == (e.g. Absolute top-level goal of this theme)

Enhance the user computing experience by applying balance and harmony to
the Gnome Desktop framing applications in such a manner as to permit the
eye to focus without distraction on the content displayed. The desire is
an optimal result from an optimal process. 

== Target Audience == (e.g. Who benefits from the Outcome) 

Realizing Ubuntu is used by a broad spectrum of individuals, this
solution is targeted toward those who spend a significant amount of
their professional or personal day at their computer.


IMO is not about age, culture, or gender. It's simply about use.

The wiki page paints the rationale and why this makes sense. If the
criteria of usability is simply good looks, every theme submitted to
"gnome-look.org" passes this test.

I believe the desire of Kyudo is more.


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