[ubuntu-art] The Future of Dust

Joshua Booth mr.booth2145 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 21:43:42 BST 2008

I have had many issues with the future of this theme. I don't agree with the
updates, and the latest version of Dust has become a new theme entirely.
What happened to the nice, clean, dark version of Dust? Now we have a
lighter, browner, and to me, much less crisper version that doesn't look
like the original mockup at all. I have kept the old versions of Dust
because I very much dislike the new one. I have made a list of things that I
feel need to be addressed:

   1. We have had dark red, tan, and many other versions of highlight
   colors. Can we decide on just one please? The second-ish version of Dust was
   the closest to the mockup but had a reddish select color over the original
   tan. I liked this color much better.
   2. The dropdown menus do not match the rest of the theme anymore. A long
   time ago they matched great. Now they are darker and almost black and do not
   give a nice clean feeling to me at all.
   3. The desktop panels do not resemble the mockup. Personally, the panels
   are quite all right the way they are now, but when are we going to make the
   panels look like the mockup?
   4. The metacity has evolved into something less cleaner and intuitive.
   Before it was simple, clean, and unobtrusive. Now it looks much different.
   5. Dust has lost its nice, clean, professional colors, which looked like
   the mockup back in its early days.

Overall, Dust is a new theme that has had many changes that I don't see the
need for. Honestly? I think in our mad rush to get a good theme and update
things, we lost our original view and stopped caring whether the changes we
were making were really a good idea at all.

On a totally separate note, where are the Dust icons? When we can we get
those? The folder icons are nice, but are we going to use the mockup's panel

Just something to think about. I would really like to see Dust back into its
older days. Maybe we can start multiple themes going, who knows?
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