[ubuntu-art] ibex concept

supermod supermodmusic at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 08:46:32 BST 2008

On Sat, 2008-09-06 at 03:10 +0200, Adam Gusztav Nagy wrote:
> hi everybody!
> i have a concept, and some ideas i would like to share, i hope this is
> the appropriate place to this.
> i also made a theme based on my ideas which is kind of buggy, but the
> concept can be seen.
> i could make the perfect metacity port of my original emerald theme, so
> i suggest you to check out the emerald first so you know how should the
> metacity look like.
> my main ideas are the following:
> - I think the menus should have a different color than the base color
> - the panels need some gradient and transparency i dont say mines are
> the best, but the simple solid color panels are so out of date
> - and finally i think the buttons and the other widgets should have real
> smooth animation like glowing or fading when the mouse is over them, not
> just changing the color suddenly without any transition.
> maybe the gradient on the top could be orangeish itself to give it some
> uniqueness. 
> i attach an archive with all the screenshots and theme files.
> thanks for your oppinion!
> Adam

Not bad at all... You have a couple ideas that I am not sure if its ok
to implement, like the different colored gnome-panels. Dark menus don't
quite match I believe...
It's a very good theme imho and u should continue its development!

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