[ubuntu-art] ibex concept

Adam Gusztav Nagy gusztee at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 02:10:15 BST 2008

hi everybody!

i have a concept, and some ideas i would like to share, i hope this is
the appropriate place to this.
i also made a theme based on my ideas which is kind of buggy, but the
concept can be seen.

i could make the perfect metacity port of my original emerald theme, so
i suggest you to check out the emerald first so you know how should the
metacity look like.

my main ideas are the following:
- I think the menus should have a different color than the base color
- the panels need some gradient and transparency i dont say mines are
the best, but the simple solid color panels are so out of date
- and finally i think the buttons and the other widgets should have real
smooth animation like glowing or fading when the mouse is over them, not
just changing the color suddenly without any transition.

maybe the gradient on the top could be orangeish itself to give it some

i attach an archive with all the screenshots and theme files.

thanks for your oppinion!

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