[ubuntu-art] GTK-theme proposal

Kim Kahns post at kims-area.com
Mon Jul 21 03:08:36 BST 2008

Am 21.07.2008 03:36:18 schrieb(en) Justin Dugger:
> Given that this theme appears to have wheels, have you considered
> setting up a launchpad project for the theme and using bzr to
> coordinate some of the changes.  Even if this theme doesn't wind up 
> as
> the 8.10 default, it seems reasonable to say there's a couple of
> people interested in it 

I don't have any experience with the use of launchpad, I think I will 
just publish it on my blog If it's not going to be included.

On the topic of the Emerald theme:

I changed the buttons a little bit, and I also tried some different 
versions of the titlebar (maybe on one of these varitations can be 
build upon).
I attached a screenshot as usual.

~Kim Kahns (Kimmik)
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