[ubuntu-art] Theme Teams. Moving Forward. Making Stuff!

Nemes Ioan Sorin nemes.sorin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 22:11:55 GMT 2008

Well, Troy this can be a start. To create a responsible team to keep a 
rhythm, to have some public places, a team which can start writing 
specifications and guidelines for what can be a  great thing.

-> about the default theme - this community move around the Earth 
because a new brand look is really needed. And is better to come from 
inside, like $MS or Sun. This is the big point I supposed.

Finally, why not "default theme"- I see some peoples here with talent 
and determination, the only missing thing is a well tempered workgroup 
(like Inkscape and Gimp already has). Also Mark will be glad to see this 
job by the Ubuntu community. And maybe, on the road, we can try to 
implement some new features, maybe a new theming engine.

About your proposals all 3 points are pertinent.


Troy James Sobotka wrote:
> Who wrote:
>> 3. We shouldn't get hung up on being the default theme. We gain
>> freedom of design by NOT being default, and we can still reach many
>> people (Epiphany team doesn't stop because Firefox is deafult... Why
>> should we ONLY concentrate on the default theme)
> With a little regular cleanup and such, this would probably be
> a great starting point for a 'Blueprint' at Launchpad.
> For those that are unaware of Launchpad and its potential
> for keeping people 'in the loop' on discussions like this:
>  1) Create a wiki page as an outline of your idea.
>  2) Create a Blueprint at Launchpad.  Create a Team.
>  3) Attach the wiki page to the Blueprint and sign the
>     team up.
> Now you can keep the ongoing and pertinent discussions on the
> wiki in a tidy area.  Not only that, but every change that
> is _not_ marked as "Trivial" will be automatically sent
> an email update.
> Who, maybe you can gauge response to the idea by the size of
> the team and keep things organized?
> Sincerely,

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