[ubuntu-art] ubuntu-art Digest, Vol 27, Issue 17

nothlit nothlit.linux at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 22:33:16 BST 2007

Hey, thanks for taking the initiative to try to improve the process,
and for keeping your comments constructive.

Re: your concerns--  This time around we've further attempted to make
sure the process is more transparent, and to try to get more of the
community involved.
To this end, I've started a wiki page,
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy . Most likely after the
coming meeting-- I will try to spread this where I can-- in the
meantime there is a link to it straight from the main wiki artwork

In terms of documentation-frustration, it is unlikely (afaik, and feel
free to correct me, those in the know) for any of the community
artists' work, to be chosen as a default. The guidelines, are there to
just make sure that people go in the right direction, and are
intentionally loose to allow for creativity. There is no wrong
direction persay. Their work will still be appreciated and likely
placed into the community package.

Palette-- we're not really allowed one.

As for the forum ambassadors acting as a liason, that is a fantastic
idea. Much thanks again, 23meg.
Roadmap:  Actual artwork, is a thing that will most likely stay with
the artist, until they are ready and post it to the website. Some of
the work and most of the discussion goes on in chats between the
artists-- as an ad hoc thing.. While I don't think formalising such a
process would be a good idea, I welcome any suggestions on how to make
more apparent the progress that is going on.

While not completely specific to your mail, there is something I want
to address: there is a reason why irc and the mailing list is used,
rather than the forums. People want to get work and discussion done--
and such places are where people are located that will help them
achieve that end. Posting it to a forum potentially leads to a lot of
offhand, unhelpful comments and such (Drive-bys). In terms of
productivity, using the two other sources of discussion are a wise
choice. That being said, I reiterate that the ambassadors as a liason
in the future is a good thing.

Nothlit. (Feel free to correct me on any of the statements I've made!)

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