[ubuntu-art] More of same.

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 08:03:50 BST 2007

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> During the Edgy 
> cycle we tried a more open, community approach to the artwork and it failed 
> miserably.

I see this pop up from time to time, and I would like once again to
address it.

First, some people push hard for changes and some wriggle like little
devils against them.  Agendas.

Second, why did it fail?  Did anyone actually stop and analyze that?
This debacle is no better nor any worse.  It has the _exact_ same point
of failure.

Third, by 'failing miserably' one might ask 'to whom'.  How is our
current result any different?

Perspective is a relative thing.  The failure of anything during that
cycle was a direct byproduct of inattentive steering by the individual
that matters most.

I suppose that someone had unrealistic expectations for Edgy.  Perhaps
we all have unrealistic expectations for Ubuntu as a whole.  I can see
no better way for a community to prove itself (after all, who really
should listen to a crop of people with nothing more than opinions and
hot air behind their views) than to go out and create work.  There are
_many_ free software projects that are just dying for help and support
on the art and design front.

Maybe all of this 'furor' over the default wallpaper and the state of
Ubuntu design would be better vented out by helping out the projects
that so deeply desire the help?  In doing so, perhaps we can all learn a
little bit more about the extremely complex mechanics behind operating
system evolutionary design.

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