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matt palsson mpalsson45 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 12 03:05:04 GMT 2007

 I'm on this art list and receiving frequent e-mails now, 
 so on this topic, are there any Ubuntu t-shirts currently
 available for sale?  If so, please send info to my via
 replying to this e-mail (and not to everyone). Thanks.

Jordi Rosario <acero_64 at yahoo.com> wrote: Greetings

My wife ( Emma Alvarez ) is graphics designer, and has  a shop at Cafepress. We are users of Xubuntu OS, and like it very much.

She would like to know if she can make 2 t-shirts (one for man, another for woman) in her shop with Xubuntu logo, and the url of Xubuntu (www.xubuntu.org).

The idea is to get mutual promotion. By the way, thus we send back the effort to all those people in the GNU have done for people like us.
So with their logo and url, they get more promotion and support.

We saw there are some t-shirts of Ubuntu in Cafepress, so we suppose she can do it.

As a shopkeeper, Cafepress gets most of the money of the sales, as they get  the base price.
Emma wins a markup over that base price, that she can choose.
For example, if an article costs 6 dollars of base price, and we fix the price to 6 dollars, we earn no money. If we set a markup of 8 dollars, we earn 2 dollars.

Emma Alvarez would sell, if  you like, this t-shirts and Xubuntu articles without earning any money, just for the base price, that goes all to Cafepress.
The only purpose is mutual promotion, as we said, not to earn money from Xubuntu.

Of course, if it is allowed, it would be nice to add a small markup, for design and maintenance cost.

Is there something in the license that forbides doing this? If we can, were can we get the gidelines of colors, logo, fonts, so the project is consistent with Xubuntu artwork? Is this idea welcome to your community?


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