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Bryan Haskins kingofallhearts999 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 18:56:38 GMT 2007

If I remember from back when I had a cafepress (like everyone else), they
technically own the likeness of everything you put up there... (If I
remember!) I hope that I'm either wrong, or they have changed it.

On 3/11/07, Jordi Rosario <acero_64 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings
> My wife ( Emma Alvarez ) is graphics designer, and has  a shop at
> Cafepress. We are users of Xubuntu OS, and like it very much.
> She would like to know if she can make 2 t-shirts (one for man, another
> for woman) in her shop with Xubuntu logo, and the url of Xubuntu (
> www.xubuntu.org).
> The idea is to get mutual promotion. By the way, thus we send back the
> effort to all those people in the GNU have done for people like us.
> So with their logo and url, they get more promotion and support.
> We saw there are some t-shirts of Ubuntu in Cafepress, so we suppose she
> can do it.
> As a shopkeeper, Cafepress gets most of the money of the sales, as they
> get  the base price.
> Emma wins a markup over that base price, that she can choose.
> For example, if an article costs 6 dollars of base price, and we fix the
> price to 6 dollars, we earn no money. If we set a markup of 8 dollars, we
> earn 2 dollars.
> Emma Alvarez would sell, if you like, this t-shirts and Xubuntu articles
> without earning any money, just for the base price, that goes all to
> Cafepress.
> The only purpose is mutual promotion, as we said, not to earn money from
> Xubuntu.
> Of course, if it is allowed, it would be nice to add a small markup, for
> design and maintenance cost.
> Is there something in the license that forbides doing this? If we can,
> were can we get the gidelines of colors, logo, fonts, so the project is
> consistent with Xubuntu artwork? Is this idea welcome to your community?
> Yours,
> Jordi R Cardona
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