[ubuntu-art] Colour

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 07:19:02 BST 2007

> > Don't forget that color is not only
> > a matter of aesthetics but it is a usability issue as well. There are
> > plenty of info on the net about the effects of color on human
> > psychology. Research the subject to see what I mean.
> I can't stress this enough, this is, by all empirical research, an urban
> myth.
Perhaps "colour psychology" is a particular pseudoscience/woo, but there is a 
tangible effect that colours have on humans. In what branch of legitimate 
science this is studied, I am not sure.

The most minimal case for colours must surely be that we associate them with 
certain things/conditions. Red is blood, blue is water/sky. White is clouds, 
perhaps death. Green is plant-stuff. Brown is ground, etc. These associations 
are more than enough to give colour a lot of power because humans are 
association engines! Naturally - these associations get fuzzy as we try to 
share them across cultures.

What should be at the root of the human interface? The locale. End of story!

Still, I respect the choice of a brown palette for no technical reasons at 
all -- I just respond to it and like it. Again, I wish Kubuntu would adopt 

Faith is sexed-up superstition.
-- pauliej

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