[ubuntu-art] Colour

Andre Rückbeil SK8T at gmx.net
Sat Apr 14 20:13:17 BST 2007

In my opinion the brown theme isn't ugly, but it's not the optimal  
color. The most "big" operating sytems like Mac OS X or Windows uses  
Blue in many cases. Because blue has a soothing effect on people.

For example the interface of Mac OS X "Aqua". There is much blue  
color in it an everything just feels liquid.

I don't want to say we should copy them, but maybe we think about a  
blue alternative theme, because blue gives a good feeling to the user.


Am 14.04.2007 um 18:18 schrieb jmak:

>> Again, this is rather Western centric.  Remember, as of two years ago
>> some of the most lauded designers were popping up in Starbucks and  
>> like
>> coffee shop mentality.  What was the base colour in most of those
>> schemes?  That's right -- _brown_.  They won a boatload of awards
>> fueling the organic brown earthy look and feel, and with good  
>> reason --
>> some of that work is _phenomenal_ and had a good deal to do with
>> Starbuck's success.
> But you dont live in the starbucks. On the other hand, you spend many
> hours every day in front of your computer. The computer is a bit like
> home. It is unlikely that you paint your living room say orange, or
> black.
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