[ubuntu-art] Colour

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Fri Apr 13 21:22:43 BST 2007

On Fri, 2007-04-13 at 10:30 +0200, Vincent Weber wrote:
> Hello Ubuntu art-team :)
> I'm overall very happy with Ubuntu but I think the colours are wrong.
> First of all It's all brown/orange/red. These colours are not really
> pleasant/relaxing for you eyes, especially red. I also don't think a
> lot of people would choose Ubuntu over Windows (bug #1) because of the
> looks. And I also don't think brown is the way to go if you look at
> Ubuntu from a 'digital lifestyle' aspect. 
> With the Gnome 2.20 release the Gnome team showed Gnome can be
> beautifull in green. Green is a pretty releaxing color. Except for the
> start button in Windows XP green is neither Windows- nor Mac OS-like.
> Some suggested Colours: green (wallpaper), blue (buttons),
> grey/white/a little brownish (transparant toolbars and transparant
> windows) and black (log out/turn off) 
> What do you think?
> Vincent

Hi. :)

The goal behind Ubuntu's colour palette is that it should separate
Ubuntu from other desktops. Although the most universally safe (in
regards to culture and gender) and pleasing primary desktop colour is
blue and shades of it, had Ubuntu gone blue it would by colour be
similar to... too many other desktops -- Windows XP uses it, as does Mac
OS X and even KDE is well known for using heavily saturated blue tones.

Ubuntu ('humanity towards others') brings earthy and human-skin colour
tones to the digital desktop. Ubuntu could have gone stock GNOME and
used it's green tones (as you mention from the recent 2.18 release) but
then Ubuntu would loose it's visual uniqueness.

It is hard to find a common ground in this entire regard. A lot of
people like Ubuntu's colour palette whilst others dislike it. Those that
dislike it are free to change their desktop and it's looks quite easily
(that's what the other themes that are shipped with the CD are there
for). As far as I understand it Ubuntu will continue to use it's current
colour palette though the primary desktop colours might change (within
the limits of the colour palette (ie. see the changes from Hoary to
Dapper)). :)

Hope that cleared up a few things. :)


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