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Alvaro Medina Ballester xlasttrainhomex at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 14:45:45 BST 2007

El 13/04/2007, a las 22:22, Pascal Klein escribió:

> Hi. :)
> The goal behind Ubuntu's colour palette is that it should separate
> Ubuntu from other desktops. Although the most universally safe (in
> regards to culture and gender) and pleasing primary desktop colour is
> blue and shades of it, had Ubuntu gone blue it would by colour be
> similar to... too many other desktops -- Windows XP uses it, as  
> does Mac
> OS X and even KDE is well known for using heavily saturated blue  
> tones.
> Ubuntu ('humanity towards others') brings earthy and human-skin colour
> tones to the digital desktop. Ubuntu could have gone stock GNOME and
> used it's green tones (as you mention from the recent 2.18 release)  
> but
> then Ubuntu would loose it's visual uniqueness.
> It is hard to find a common ground in this entire regard. A lot of
> people like Ubuntu's colour palette whilst others dislike it. Those  
> that
> dislike it are free to change their desktop and it's looks quite  
> easily
> (that's what the other themes that are shipped with the CD are there
> for). As far as I understand it Ubuntu will continue to use it's  
> current
> colour palette though the primary desktop colours might change (within
> the limits of the colour palette (ie. see the changes from Hoary to
> Dapper)). :)
> Hope that cleared up a few things. :)
> -Pascal
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Hello everyone! first of all (off topic) I want to apologize because  
I don't have enough time to reply all the e-mails, I'm quite busy  
finishing my career, so sorry everyone.

Ok, I've read a lot of times in a lot of websites/blogs etc. this  
statement: people don't choose ubuntu because of brown/orange/red  
tones. Some people would think that this is a worthless discussion  
but I find really interesting.

I think that I said before in another discussion, that what Pascal  
Klein in saying isn't the only thing that we have to consider about  
the colours of the distribution. We need to realize that User  
Interface is a science, and it's not just trying to separate ubuntu  
from another distros/OS's. In my opinion, and what I've learned, the  
colour palette must be useful for make ubuntu different _and_  
functional (gray , blue or light shades are a great colours to make  
your desktop a confortable place to work) both.

But I would go further, I find more important the user experience,  
the usability, all those facts related with Human Computer  
Interaction than just making ubuntu different. The visual aspect of  
an app or an OS now isn't focused on what the programmer likes, now  
it's a _very_ important part of the computer science. Now is as  
important as coding.

So why we're taking this fact (ubuntu general look/aspect) just  
thinking in being different than the others?
Why not try to be _better_ than  the others?
Yes, I know that this is quite insane, but, why not reconsider ubuntu  
general look?

Maybe not for Feisty or Gutsy, but we can start thinking about for a  
future version. Maybe we can plan a great launch for ubuntu, not just  
a 6 months version, and we can start thinking about the interface of  
that "big launch". I know, this is quite weird, but that would be a  
great chance to win new users.

So, that's all folks. I hope I will be able to write again soon.



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