[ubuntu-art] Colour

Vincent Weber weber.vincent at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 09:30:33 BST 2007

Hello Ubuntu art-team :)

I'm overall very happy with Ubuntu but I think the colours are wrong. First
of all It's all brown/orange/red. These colours are not really
pleasant/relaxing for you eyes, especially red. I also don't think a lot of
people would choose Ubuntu over Windows (bug #1) because of the looks. And I
also don't think brown is the way to go if you look at Ubuntu from a
'digital lifestyle' aspect.

With the Gnome 2.20 release the Gnome team showed Gnome can be beautifull in
green. Green is a pretty releaxing color. Except for the start button in
Windows XP green is neither Windows- nor Mac OS-like.

Some suggested Colours: green (wallpaper), blue (buttons), grey/white/a
little brownish (transparant toolbars and transparant windows) and black
(log out/turn off)

What do you think?

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