[ubuntu-art] Re: Quick Update

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Mon Jun 26 12:02:14 BST 2006

Troy James Sobotka wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-25-06 at 19:21 +0200, Michiel Sikma wrote:
>> I don't understand why it is so pertinently important to keep Human  
>> in. In all objectivity, it's simply a suboptimal icon set when  
>> compared to Tango. I also don't see why any of the arguments that I  
>> have given have to be ignored.
> Again, one man's meat is another man's poison.  There are 
> no clear hard and fast rules in art.
> The bottom line is that Human is the look.  The icons are heading
> in that direction -- hence their name.
> The default 'look' for Ubuntu is Human.  Period.  
Too bad we wont be able to contribute both to Ubuntu and GNOME upstream 
with Human, but Mark has been kind enough to include Tangerine as the 
fall back theme, so for those who want to contribute to stuff upstream, 
feel free to join the tangerine-effort!
As Tangerine not being the default, well, for consistency sake (like 
having a similar look of all the icons on the entire interface, and 
there is quite a lot of icons in GNOME, a lot) being part of a bigger 
project would be nice, but it's Mark's distro and it's up to him to 
decide what to do.
I'll continue to tinker with Tangerine a bit, but I'll probably do some 
more work directly for the application projects for this cycle.
I personally don't believe in icons as branding, but see them rather as 
interface elements so I don't have any hard feelings about this stuff, 
it's mostly a philosophical thing anyway. :)
- Andreas

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