[ubuntu-art] Launchpad updates

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Sun Jun 25 19:56:32 BST 2006

Niel Drummond wrote:
> Do you know if it is a scheduled improvement to Launchpad to have spec
> names changeable after creation ? 
Funny, I just changed the way we do that in one of my development
branches. They are currently changeable by the administrators and by the
owner of the product or distro to which they are targeted. In the next
week or two I'll land a branch which allows anyone related to it to
change the spec name.

>> The dependency means "that must be finished before work can BEGIN on
>> this one".
> ok, I misunderstood dependencies defined in this way -- they are
> probably less relevant to the artistic specs, unless there is an
> overriding technical issue towards implementation. 
> I was thinking more in an Object Oriented way -- a spec is a "subclass"
> of another, and retains some or all of the properties of its
> "parent"... and as such, a parent spec cannot become completed until all
> of its sub-children are finished too. Does that make sense in a
> workflow environment, or am I speaking gibberish?
Not gibberish, that's a reasonable idea but it's not how Blueprint works :-)

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