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Niel Drummond niel at cyanescent.co.uk
Fri Jun 23 08:08:31 BST 2006

On Fri, 23 Jun 2006 01:59:22 +0100
Who <mailforwho at googlemail.com> wrote:

> >
> > May I ask what the top prios are for the art team right now? What
> > are you guys focusing on - I guess it's a bunch of work for next
> > release?
> Have a brief scan over this
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation/Guidelines
> We are currently in the process of a massive reorganisation, after
> which the team should be much better equipped to make slick and
> complete artwork for edgy (the next version of Ubuntu)

Just wanted to add some links, while we are on the subject. 

The Wiki is a first-stop location (Etienne Bersac /Pascal Klein are
working on re-organising it -- and we kindly ask you not to change too
much for the next week or so)

We use Launchpad to organise ourselves. Once registered on the wiki, you
will automagically appear on Launchpad -- we also ask new members to
"assign" themselves to the "ubuntu-art" team 

There is a spec list for artwork in Edgy, which is being worked on. You
are welcome to contribute specs -- it is usually good form to mention
it on the mailing list if you do .  


Each spec in Launchpad should be associated to a wiki page:


If you are itching to contribute art, but there isn't a spec, we have
the AUC (which is also under refurbishment)


The Powers-That-Be are at a Paris summit, outlining the plans
for the next release cycle. Important non-artwork people you should
know about:

Mark Shuttleworth is our Self Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life
(wikipedia him if you want to know why), and will occasionally drop in
to solve disputes.
Oliver Grawert is our package administrator (AFAIK), and will
occassionally tell us to be more organised

I'm having a mind blank, and I'm sure I've insulted someone

As already mentioned, there will be an
artist-in-chief appointed for one release cycle and also several leaders
responsible for focus areas.

Oh yes, there's also an official timetable :


... that's a lot of links, maybe they should be summarized in the
wiki ?

Kind Regards,

Niel Drummond

> As yet, the goals are not clear - it was decided at our last meeting
> (last weekend) that there would be an 'Artist in Chief' and that they
> would be selected based on a resume/action plan - so I think our goals
> will be affected by who is chosen for this role :). The minutes are
> here (the list of present people is updated in later posts...):
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-art/2006-June/002132.html
> Thanks to Pascal for taking them :)
> You've come at the right time - the art team is really being given the
> chance to be a big and visible part of Ubuntu now, provided we are up
> to it :)
> See you in IRC soon ;)
> Who

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