[ubuntu-art] Mark's Comments on Branding

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Mon Jul 3 09:31:32 BST 2006

Joao Inacio wrote:
> - How much of this "ubuntu distinctiveness" is really needed on the
> other included wallpapers (not default)?
> Even though this i completely agree on the default wallpaper, from my
> humble POV a few extra wallpapers that didnt quite follow the rules to
> the point, but did a very good job at pleasing a user (like myself)
> would only be welcome.
You're absolutely right - for non-default wallpapers we could relax this
criterion. However, the number of wallpapers we can include on the
installation CD is limited by space. I'm not sure, for example, if
Dapper includes any non-default wallpapers.

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