[ubuntu-art] Styles/looks discussion

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Wed Aug 23 10:42:02 BST 2006

Michiel Sikma wrote:
> This is ridiculous. So even though it was asked by Frank to polish  
> the Human GTK theme, going as far as to start a wikipage dedicated to  
> it and advertising it on the mailing list (and not minding the fact  
> that I did so afterwards), apparently we're now dropping it? Even  
> though I've already made a mock-up which has had a lot of positive  
> feedback? You're just saying, as if it is nothing, that we're not  
> doing it anyway, the only reason being that "the XML is a bit massive"?
> Or are you going to cling on to the excuse that "the deadline is  
> approaching", even though we still have a good week to produce things?
> I really do not approve of such an attitude. You're supposed to be  
> somewhat of a leader. You're thus not supposed to handle  
> contributions by members like this, simply stating in a random e-mail  
> that "we're not gonna do it afterall, for your information", after  
> work has been put into it in response to an official call to produce  
> the work. The work has been produced and needs some more work before  
> it can be finalized for consideration, but even though we're still  
> inside the planning, now suddenly it is no longer necessary?
> As much as I realize that we can't do _everything_ we would like to  
> for Edgy, Troy, I think this is plain ridiculous.

Michiel, I'm somewhat responsible for this.

The current GTK theme was produced by Richard and Daniel, the authors of
Clearlooks, working directly with me in London. Of course I'm happy to
review updates to that but for the moment I will expect to sign off on
those changes personally. That was not clear to Frank.

So, by all means continue with GTK work, but present those changes to me
rather than Frank.

At the moment, having reviewed your current screenshots I think the
roundedness is nice but the colour palette is not rich or saturated
enough for me. There seems to be a hint of blue on the bottom of the
widgets, and the net effect doesn't work well for me. I prefer the
deeper more saturated look of the current widget set.

By all means, however, keep going!

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