[ubuntu-art] Styles/looks discussion

Michiel Sikma michiel at thingmajig.org
Wed Aug 23 11:27:57 BST 2006

Op 23-aug-2006, om 11:42 heeft Mark Shuttleworth het volgende  

> Michiel, I'm somewhat responsible for this.

Just so this is clear: if anything I make is not accepted, then this  
is fine. It does, however, seem very awkward to me that the artist-in- 
chief specifically starts up the efforts to polish the Human GTK  
theme, then applauds efforts I exert in doing just that, only for it  
to be shot down in a random e-mail by someone who informs me that  
such a change is never going to make it in anyway in a very "by the  
way"-like attitude. I don't know where in the chain of orders this  
went wrong, but that doesn't seem like valid planning to me. At the  
very least, Troy could have attempted to explain it himself.

> The current GTK theme was produced by Richard and Daniel, the  
> authors of Clearlooks, working directly with me in London. Of  
> course I'm happy to review updates to that but for the moment I  
> will expect to sign off on those changes personally. That was not  
> clear to Frank.
> So, by all means continue with GTK work, but present those changes  
> to me rather than Frank.
> At the moment, having reviewed your current screenshots I think the  
> roundedness is nice but the colour palette is not rich or saturated  
> enough for me. There seems to be a hint of blue on the bottom of  
> the widgets, and the net effect doesn't work well for me. I prefer  
> the deeper more saturated look of the current widget set.

Strange, since the whole is actually more saturated than the old  
version (except the progress bar, which is full orange; see image for  
a comparison). There are also less grey widgets, such as the scroll  
bar or drop down lists which I've given an orange accent.

I do take it you have looked at the latest version, which can be  
found here? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Specs/EdgyArtworkPlan/ 

Perhaps I'll attend to the color of the 3D elements later, which I  
did give a less saturated look.

It's too bad for me to hear that you prefer the old version. I'll  
work on the GTK to try and improve on the criticisms you've  
mentioned, despite thinking it's already much more consistent than  
the old version, especially since we have not reached the polish  
phase yet.

> By all means, however, keep going!
> Mark

By this, I presume that there is indeed room for such an improvement  
in this release cycle like with all other art?


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