[ubuntu-art] Styles/looks discussion

Michiel Sikma michiel at thingmajig.org
Wed Aug 23 09:14:44 BST 2006

Op 23-aug-2006, om 8:22 heeft Troy James Sobotka het volgende  

> On Wed, 2006-23-08 at 08:07 +0200, Michiel Sikma wrote:
>> I think we have gone a little off-topic. :)
> Not off topic at all -- the deadline is pretty rapidly
> approaching.  It _is_ difficult to churn out work after
> you have flogged away at it for a while, especially when
> it comes to the umpteenth variation on a theme.  Now that
> we have been pressured under the gun by the approval process,
> it is quite difficult to achieve our goals -- especially when
> one considers the polishing and testing.

It is. This is a style discussion, not a production process  
discussion. Also, note that Mark himself said that it is a good thing  
this discussion got going.

> There is little to discuss regarding the looks/styles themselves
> as the bulk of the criteria have been set forth by sabdfl
> at Paris.  Ultimately, if he sees something he is willing to
> run with, the CC will consider it.  If not, c'est la vie.
> In particular the brown and gloss are basically set.  The
> degrees to which are certainly up for debate during production.
> Some element of the default folder gloss line is almost mandatory
> unless about 30 icons are going to be reworked (all based on the
> gloss line).

Fine. If you do not wish to discuss styles with us, then do not.  
Don't try to smother the discussion that we _are_ trying to have,  
which can only be beneficial to the work that we can make for the  
produce phase.

> All that is going to happen for the GTK (due to the bug  
> troubleshooting
> and such) is to tweak it back to the browner spectrum -- similar to
> the default dapper wallpaper.  Frank was on this last time we spoke.
> It is simply too much to try and tweak the GTK elements as the XML
> is a bit massive.

This is ridiculous. So even though it was asked by Frank to polish  
the Human GTK theme, going as far as to start a wikipage dedicated to  
it and advertising it on the mailing list (and not minding the fact  
that I did so afterwards), apparently we're now dropping it? Even  
though I've already made a mock-up which has had a lot of positive  
feedback? You're just saying, as if it is nothing, that we're not  
doing it anyway, the only reason being that "the XML is a bit massive"?

Or are you going to cling on to the excuse that "the deadline is  
approaching", even though we still have a good week to produce things?

I really do not approve of such an attitude. You're supposed to be  
somewhat of a leader. You're thus not supposed to handle  
contributions by members like this, simply stating in a random e-mail  
that "we're not gonna do it afterall, for your information", after  
work has been put into it in response to an official call to produce  
the work. The work has been produced and needs some more work before  
it can be finalized for consideration, but even though we're still  
inside the planning, now suddenly it is no longer necessary?

As much as I realize that we can't do _everything_ we would like to  
for Edgy, Troy, I think this is plain ridiculous.


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