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Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 03:33:29 BST 2006

On Tue, 2006-22-08 at 19:04 +0100, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:  
> Well, we also have some time "in the bank" with the designer who did
> the Dapper icon set, so we expect to get some changes and improvements
> to that icon set in for Edgy. If you have specific icons that you
> think need to be done (that did NOT get done for Dapper) then please
> pass those ideas on to Frank. Please DON'T suggest that every icon get
> redone for Edgy - we want to broaden the base of icons that are
> consistent with the Human look, not revamp the look :-)

I think Mark has a very important point here.

What we must accept is that producing anything of this
magnitude (IE Ubuntu) is an incremental process -- and 
the key here is to realize quickly and efficiently what 
will yield the greatest cost / benefit ratios.  That said,
our four primary specifications are highly visible and 
will allow us, if approved and integrated, to greatly
influence the future direction of the project.

Icons are a massive task -- as you can ask any of our
local icon celebrities (and we do have a wonderfully
good compliment of them lurking around this list / IRC).

That said, redoing icons is simply out of the question
when it comes to taking an entirely new style / approach.

This means that ultimately, all of the work needs to be judged
against those 'constants'. 

Who had a wonderful technique for this -- juxtaposing the
folder icon (a very high visible icon) against his work.  If
you look at his example logo, you will see how remarkably 
well his work has nicely fit within the constraints --
it feels as if the same artist did the entire body of work.
(To compare against something, take a look at the orange 
globe icon and look at how it violates the stylistic 
tendencies of the set when compared to the recycle bin,
arrows, etc.) 

Bersace has done a tremendous job of creating a visual
archive to assist this process. The aptly named 'Archives'
namespace in the wiki is invaluable to anyone who
appreciates seeing the proverbial 'forest through the
trees.'  Compare all of your work against
this set of images, in particular the icon selection 
located there:


I cannot stress enough how 'knee-deep' we are in it
right now folks -- the deadline is coming _fast_.  We
must demonstrate serious work ethic and finish this 
task -- as tedious and repetitious the work might seem
at this point.

Please buckle down and bang out what you can -- the team
thanks you for it.  And again, create the illusion that
_one_ person created the entire body of work.  Consistency
counts -- and absolutely _everyone_ should be encouraged
to step in and emulate Ubuntu look in the manner that
Frank has outlined for us.


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