[ubuntu-art] Styles/looks discussion

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Tue Aug 22 19:04:48 BST 2006

Frank Schoep wrote:
> One goal I set for myself was to _only_ use ideas and sketches that  
> came up during our collaborative brainstorming. I want the artwork  
> we're producing to be the sum of our collaboration to showcase what  
> we can do with the team, basically the end-goal of our new process.
This sentence really made an impact on me. Frank, it's EXACTLY what I
was looking for in an Artist-in-Chief - thank you! I know that you have
strong ideas of your own and an ability to execute them, but keeping
this an open, participative process is hugely important to building

That, in turn, is important because once we have a clear direction we
will want to bring as much of "visual ubuntu" into line with that
direction for edgy. By "visual ubuntu" I mean:

 * brochures
 * the web site(s)
 * the cd sleeves
 * sample materials included in the distro "example content" packages
 * presentation slide backgrounds that community members can use for LUG
talks etc

There's a large amount of opportunity to leverage the decisions we make
here, and the more people feel that they played a role and can take
ownership of a particular piece while still staying in tune with the
overall style, the more we will be able to achieve.

> The Official Human Icons SVG Effort(tm) is something that's passed  
> right by me as of yet, to be honest. Troy has been doing work on  
> creating new SVG versions of icons lately and has sent me some nice  
> samples of what is possible with some spare time. I think I'll send  
> another mail to the list to discuss this because it'd be good to sort  
> it out where we stand and what we're going to achieve. I'm sorry I  
> can't say anything more substantial at the moment on this.
Well, we also have some time "in the bank" with the designer who did the
Dapper icon set, so we expect to get some changes and improvements to
that icon set in for Edgy. If you have specific icons that you think
need to be done (that did NOT get done for Dapper) then please pass
those ideas on to Frank. Please DON'T suggest that every icon get redone
for Edgy - we want to broaden the base of icons that are consistent with
the Human look, not revamp the look :-)

Good work team!

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