[ubuntu-art] Re: Default themes

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Sat Apr 29 07:30:59 BST 2006

bvc wrote:
> How did we go from three to TWO?
I'm talking about external themes (things that exist in the Gnome world,
like Gorilla and Mist etc which are high quality but not part of the
Ubuntu project). At the moment we have a couple of themes in there as
options by default, but I think you guys could pick much better ones
than the current list:

  - Clearlooks (this should stay, it's great)
  - Crux
  - Glider
  - Grand Canyon
  - Mist
  - Ocean Dream
  - Simple
  - Smokey Blue
  - Traditional

Other than clearlooks, consider them all optional and figure out between
you which TWO we should ship along with Human. Then we can have THREE
community-contributed ones. If we can't actually get three
community-contributed ubuntu ones, then pick THREE from Gnome-look.

> and
> How can we vote when there's only one commited theme (SandSkater)?
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtworkTeam/AdditionalThemes?highlight=%28theme%29
> ...and it isn't even close to being default quality IMO. Is the mist
> engine installed by default? I've had this install since warty-beta so
> I do not know.
Ah, well, if we can't get more from u-art then we should just make sure
we pick and ship the best of what is already out there. Can you guys
organise that?


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