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�tienne Bersac <bersace03 at laposte.net> wrote: Hello,

> OK, so in addition to the internal development, can we ask the art  
> team to vote for the top TWO only existing themes that should be in  
> there with Human?

We might also consider a theme for less resources computer such as  

How did we go from three to TWO?
How can we vote when there's only one commited theme (SandSkater)?
...and it isn't even close to being default quality IMO. Is the mist engine installed by default? I've had this install since warty-beta so I do not know.

I think Silicon is nice
but it isn't commited, and it uses ubuntulooks. Not that I have a problem with that. I proposed a few ubuntulooks schemes but no one commented.

I mean, what exaclty are we looking for? A pure gtk theme (no engine)? Some would probably appreciate that in a newer color scheme than the old gray and dull blue.

What's wrong with the smooth engine? Other than the fact that one hasn't been proposed?

What engines are currently installed by default? Don't forget to remove the ones that go with the themes you remove. They are old and outdated anyway, and can be installed from another packages if people want them. It is a pain the scroll through so many unused metathemes to find one you want. If you deleted them you get them back next update, so yes, please remove most of the old default themes and engines. I can't even say I haven't used them in a long time, because I have never, ever , used them and don't know anyone who has. All the useless metathemes is the reason I have never used the metatheme feature. It would be a great feature if there were several tasteful metathemes to choose from and you didn't have to scroll through so many bad ones.

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