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Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Sun Apr 16 17:06:23 BST 2006

On Sun, 2006-04-16 at 18:28 -0400, Lukas Sabota wrote:
> > One thing I did notice though, and this is somewhat off topic is that
> > when one puts the mouse cursor over an icon a little pop-up comes up
> > displaying firstly the application name and then it's description. The
> > description part of Abiword is the same as the name of the application -
> > "Abiword Word Processor". Maybe this should be altered to just "Simple
> > Word Processor"?
> > 
> > I know it's small, but hey, it looks out of place.
> Or even better:  start the tooltip out with a verb.  I've filed bugs
> against many packages that have poor tooltips.  All of the GNOME
> tooltips start with verbs.  Perhaps a link to the fdo desktop file
> standard should be added to the package creation section of the wiki?
> That way people may actually think about these things before they upload
> packages ;-)
> God bless,
> Lukas

Excuse my ignorance, what is the fdo desktop file? Would what you
recommended above solve that problem then? :)

Should I stick this in a bug report against Abiword, or could I just
change it myself without asking (we obviously know it could do with
being changed). Mind you I could do with some help which file I would
need to edit...

Kind regards,
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