[ubuntu-art] distributor-logo

Lukas Sabota punkrockguy318 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 17 03:21:56 BST 2006

> Excuse my ignorance, what is the fdo desktop file? Would what you
> recommended above solve that problem then? :)
> Should I stick this in a bug report against Abiword, or could I just
> change it myself without asking (we obviously know it could do with
> being changed). Mind you I could do with some help which file I would
> need to edit...
> Kind regards,
> Pascal

Sorry if I was unclear!  I was referring to the freedesktop.org desktop
entry spec [1].  The file you would want to edit would be
abiword.desktop.  You would want to edit the comment field.  Perhaps
changing to "Create and edit letters, documents, and reports".  Or
something similar.  I'm not very good at that sort of thing.  But
something that begins with a verb, describes the function, follows suit
with the other tooltips, and isn't repetitive.

God bless,


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