[ubuntu-art] Wireless signal icons

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Sun Apr 16 17:59:59 BST 2006

Welcome aboard!

Joseph Hill wrote:
> The only change I don't like is the wireless signal meter on the
> Network Monitor applet.  I have two wireless cards and use only one
> toolbar, so panel real estate is very valuable.
Yes, this is a bug, the fix is due in the next icon package upload which
should land in a day or two. We will be cranking out a new icon package
regularly from now on to get as much feedback as possible on the icons.

Community guys - Tangerine is looking great! Let's focus on priorities
6-8 in the http://daniel.holba.ch/ubuntu/ic/ list, so we can maximise
the total effective coverage of Human/Tango icons.

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