[ubuntu-art] Wireless signal icons

Joseph Hill joseph.hill at yale.edu
Sun Apr 16 03:18:46 BST 2006

I just subscribed to this list so I don't know what has been discussed, 
so if this has already been discussed and resolved, just tell me and 
I'll shut up (or point me to where it's been discussed so I can read 
up).  I'm a huge fan of the new default theme and icon set, which 
surprises me because I'm usually a minimalist.  I like that it isn't 
copying anything.

The only change I don't like is the wireless signal meter on the Network 
Monitor applet.  I have two wireless cards and use only one toolbar, so 
panel real estate is very valuable.

I think there are two problems with the current signal strength meter: 
it's horizontal and takes up 3 to 5 times as much space as it should, 
and it's not intuitive for me, so it took me a while to figure out 
exactly what the little orange thing moving around meant.  I think the 
old way was much more intuitive and economical: a vertical bar that 
looks empty when there's no signal and full when there is, rather than 
an orange thing that moves back and forth.


Joseph Hill
Department of Anthropology
Yale University

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